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SE Ranking vs Semrush: Which One is Better?

se ranking vs semrush
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If you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO tool that is the best in all classes, it is Semrush.
Wait!! Don’t look down upon SE Ranking.
Semrush is unbeatable at present. But SE Ranking is the best alternative to Semrush, which has all features that you need for your SEO campaigns at an affordable price.
Read this complete post to know which one is best for your need.

Grab The Free Trial and Evaluate The Tools

If you want to improve your website’s rank on Google, the SEO tool is a must.

There are a lot of SEO tools in the market, but only a few can really help you achieve your goals.

Semrush and SE Ranking are two amazing SEO tools used by SEO professionals. You might wonder which tool you should use for your SEO needs.

When it comes to choosing between SE Ranking and SEMrush for your SEO efforts, both tools offer a comprehensive set of features to help you optimize your website and attract more organic traffic.

This detailed analysis of SE Ranking vs Semrush helps you decide which tool is the best for your business.

Both tools are widely used SEO software for agencies and individuals as well.

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Best SEO Tool For Individuals & Agencies

More or less, both tools offer the same features as an SEO tool. Also, both claim to be an all-in-one SEO toolset. So, it’s become challenging to find which one you should use.

Agencies can afford multiple SEO tools for their businesses, but for a blogger or marketer, it is crucial to look at where he is investing.

I’ve used both tools, so I’ll explore these tools to find out the best for you.

se ranking vs semrush
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SE Ranking vs Semrush

In this comparison of Semrush vs SE Ranking, I’ll compare both tools in terms of keyword research, competitive analysis, backlink analysis, website audit, content marketing, keyword rank checker, etc. to give you a clear idea about the tool that fulfills your needs.

Semrush vs SE Ranking [2023]: Overview

Semrush and SE Ranking both work on the cloud-based model. You don’t need to install any software in your system to run these tools.

Semrush is an American company introduced in 2008, whereas SE Ranking was introduced in 2013. Semrush is a renowned player in search engine optimization with a million-user database. However, SE Ranking, being a relatively new player, has also over 700,000 active users worldwide.

Semrush is a swiss army knife in SEO, but it doesn’t mean SE Ranking is incomparable. It is true that Semrush is a pretty tool that has gathered many audiences but SE Ranking has also received positive word of mouth from users.

DatabaseSE RankingSemrush
Domain Profiles1.5B808M

Quick Comparison: SE Ranking vs Semrush

FeaturesSE RankingSemrush
Keyword ResearchYes, a keyword database of over 3.5B keywordsYes, the largest keyword database of over 23B
Competitive ResearchIt offers an amazing competitive analysis toolIt provides you with a dedicated domain analysis tool to spy on your competitors
Keyword Search IntentYes, it provides 5 types of search intents of the usersYes, provides you with the search intent of the user
Backlinks AnalysisProvides you with a dedicated backlink monitoring tool but no toxic links finderIt offers relatively better backlinks analysis with a toxic link finder. So, you can easily disavow toxic links
Website AuditIt offers an outstanding site audit tool that not only finds technical issues but provides you with their fixes as wellIt also analyzes your website for all technical issues that may hurt your website’s SEO
Content MarketingYes, you get a dedicated content marketing tool that helps you in writing SEO-optimized contentSemrush offers you a dedicated SEO Writing Assistant to write content that both users and Google love.
Topic ResearchIts latest Content Ideas Finder module helps you in discovering the latest and relevant topic ideas for your seed keyword.Semrush offers a dedicated Topic Research tool for discovering ideas for your new content using seed keywords.
On-Page SEO Its dedicated On-Page SEO Checker checks for on-page SEOYes, provides you with a detailed On-Page SEO check
SERP AnalyzerYes, it provides you with a dedicated SERP analysis tool to understand the competition on SERPsNo, there is no dedicated SERP analyzer available
Page Changes MonitoringIt alerts you if the content of pages changeNot available
Social Media ManagementIt integrates with only Twitter and Facebook to post & schedule your contentIt integrates with a wide range of social media platforms to post & schedule content
Lead GeneratorYes, it allows you to place a widget on your site to offer a website auditNot available
API AccessYesYes
ReportingYes, white-labeled reportingYes, white-labeled reporting
Free Trial14-day free trial7-day free trial

I hope this quick comparison helped you know the basic difference and similarities between both tools.

In the next section, we’ll take an in-depth look at their key features.

Semrush vs SE Ranking: Which Tool Is Worth It?

SE Ranking vs Semrush Prime Features

The above comparison table briefs you about the tools. Let’s explore all the outstanding features of both tools and compare them side by side.

We’ll explore the guide to finding profitable keywords, spying on your competitors’ sites, full website audit, content marketing, social media schedulers, etc.

Keyword research, competitive analysis, backlinks checker, website audit, and keyword rank tracking are the five pillars of an SEO tool. So, we’ll compare these in detail along with with other prime features of both tools.

So, let’s dive into the guide deeper to find the best tool for your SEO needs.

Keyword Research

A keyword analysis is the most common and essential feature of any SEO tool. You can’t rank higher on Google if you haven’t done proper keyword research before writing content.

It is necessary to find profitable keywords and for this; it is crucial to have the best keyword research tool. Both Semrush and SE Ranking offers prominent keyword research tools.

Let’s compare both tools and find out the best keyword analysis tool for you.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking keyword analysis tool offers you the following metrics in a single dashboard:

  • Search volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • CPC
  • Search trends
  • Global search volume
  • Related keyword ideas
  • Organic results
  • Ranking dynamics
  • Paid ads

Let’s clear it with an example, as shown in the picture below:

se ranking keyword analysis
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Here “Best Mobile Phones” is the seed keyword. It shows the average monthly search volume of 1.6k searches in the USA with a keyword difficulty score of 54, which it says is “Doable“. The search trends will help you find out if the keyword is worth targeting or not.

You don’t need to worry about how to analyze the difficulty score of a keyword. The tool briefs you about the keyword SEO difficulty ranges, and you can easily target the keywords using this metric.

seo difficulty score
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If you’re targeting any ad campaign, then the CPC value it shows is vital for you. Below this section, you’ll find the keyword ideas.

These are further divided into 3 sections:

  • Similar keywords: those keywords that are really close to your seed keyword
  • Related keywords: those keywords that broadly match your seed keyword
  • Low search volume: the list of keywords that have low search volume (really beneficial for beginners)

Clicking on the “view detailed report” on any of these three will land you on the SE Ranking keyword suggestions tool.

This dedicated tool will help you find all relevant keywords as it provides a more detailed report. You can use the “Filters” option to find all profitable keywords. You may use our detailed guide on finding profitable keywords using SE Ranking to find the best keywords for yourself.

After keyword ideas, you’ll find the “Organic results” for that keyword. This shows you the top 5 URLs ranking for that keyword; (obviously you can check for the top 200 URLs by clicking on view detailed report). You can view the ranking change of these top 5 URLs on the same page without going into detailed reports.

se ranking organic results
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Ranking dynamics shows you the ranking history of the top URLs ranking for that keyword.

Below this, you will find the paid ads which will help you analyze the paid competition for your target keyword.


Similar to SE Ranking, Semrush also offers you a variety of important metrics to analyze your seed keyword that includes:

  • Search volume
  • CPC
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Search intent
  • Search trends
  • Total search results
  • Related keyword variations
  • Questions related to keywords
  • SERP analysis (organic results)
  • Top paid ads

Here it is important to note that Semrush has an additional feature that tells you about the user’s search intent which is missing in SE Ranking. However, it doesn’t have ranking dynamics.

Let’s take the same example as we took in SE Ranking to compare both tools.

semrush keyword analysis
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Semrush shows the average monthly search volume of 1.3k searches in the USA. There is a mere difference in search volume. It shows the keyword difficulty 100% which means there is the hardest competition on SERP for this keyword.

The user’s search intent behind this keyword is “commercial“. That means the user is investing in the brands before making a purchase. This is really a vital feature that Semrush offers.

Below this section, Semrush gives you a variety of keyword ideas that are categorized into 3 types:

  • Keyword variations: the list of keywords that broadly match the seed keyword
  • Questions: the keywords in the form of questions
  • Related keywords: the keywords which are closely related to the seed keyword

After this, it gives you the SERP analysis that shows all competing URLs for your target keyword. This is a more robust SERP analysis than SE Ranking as it shows you the important metrics of the URLs including the number of backlinks, domain authority, estimated traffic, etc.

Another benefit of the Semrush keyword research tool is the paid competition analysis. Yes, it also shows you the paid ads running for that keyword along with the ad’s history.

Keyword Magic Tool

Semrush offers a dedicated keyword analysis tool- Keyword Magic Tool. It shows you all relevant keywords along with search trends, CPC, search intent, etc.

semrush keyword magic tool
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You may filter your results to discover the most profitable keywords.

Winner: Semrush

Unique FeaturesSE RankingSemrush
Ranking DynamicsYesNo
Search IntentNoYes

Both tools offer the same features but Semrush’s Keyword Search Intent feature is really commendable. So, the clear winner is Semrush, but if you can analyze the search intent on your own, then SE Ranking is the best option for you. Semrush is the best tool for finding the right keywords for your SEO project.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive research is really important for a blogger or marketer. Spying on your competitor helps you analyze what are his top-performing pages, what keywords he is ranking for, how many backlinks are pointing to his website, etc.

These metrics are important for you to analyze your competitor’s SEO strategy. Having a good competition analysis tool helps you in analyzing and replicating his hidden ranking strategy to overrank him.

Both tools provide you with amazing competitive research tools. Let’s explore them and find out the best competitive analysis tool for you.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking’s competitive research interface is quite user-friendly. It shows you all the important metrics of the domain/URL on the same page which includes:

  • Domain trust
  • Page trust
  • Organic traffic
  • Organic keywords
  • Estimated traffic cost
  • Paid traffic
  • Paid keywords
  • Referring domains
  • Backlinks
  • Traffic analytics
  • Traffic distribution by country
  • SERP features
  • Organic competitors
  • Keywords gap
  • Top performing pages

Let’s analyze “Backlinko.com” and find out important metrics about it.

se ranking competitive analysis
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On analyzing the domain, it shows the domain trust and page trust scores of it. After analyzing the domain and finding out how authoritative is it, SE Ranking gives them a score referred to as Domain trust and Page trust.

Along with this, it shows you the organic analysis of the domain which includes its organic traffic, organic keywords, and estimated traffic cost. Similar to the organic analysis, it shows the report for Paid analysis as well.

On the right side, you’ll see the referring domains and backlinks pointing to the domain. All these metrics help you analyze your competitor’s website and give you an idea of how authoritative it is.

On scrolling down, you see the countrywide distribution of traffic which helps you in finding the target country of your competitor.

Alongside this, you can see the history of total traffic, keywords, and backlinks of the domain. This helps you in analyzing how your competitor has grown over the years.

Below this section, you get the report of organic keywords and find out what are your competitor’s top keywords that are ranking in the top 1-5 positions.

competitive research
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Search features are really crucial as they give high CTR. So, you can find out the keywords that you can target to feature on rich snippets.

The domain research shows you the top organic competitors and provides you with an opportunity to analyze the keywords gap. Yes, you can analyze your competitor along with your domain and find the list of keywords that you are missing but your competitor is ranking.

SE Ranking also offers a backlinks gap analyzer that helps you find out backlinks that are pointing to your competitor’s domain but are missing yours. So, you can target those backlinks for your website as well and beat your competitor.

Below this comes the important metrics of competitor analysis i.e. top performing pages of your competitor. You can analyze which content your competitor is getting the maximum number of visits. So that, you can also write content around the same topic with more specific keyword research.


Semrush’s competitive research tool also provides a detailed analysis report of the domain which includes:

  • Domain authority score
  • Organic search traffic
  • Organic keywords
  • Paid search traffic
  • Paid keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Engagement metrics
  • Traffic distribution by country
  • SERP features
  • Organic traffic/keywords history
  • Keywords by intent
  • Branded traffic trend
  • Organic competitors
  • Top anchors
  • Indexed pages

It shows you how authoritative is your competitor by its “Authority Score”. It shows the organic traffic and keywords along with paid traffic and keywords on the same page.

semrush competitive research
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Also, on the right side, you see the backlinks report of the analyzed domain.

One important metric that was missing in the SE Ranking but present in Semrush is “Engagement Metrics“. It shows the pages/visits, average visit time, and bounce rate of your competitor.

How easy is it to spy on your competitor using the Semrush competitor research tool?

You got every information about your competitor including his keywords, traffic, backlinks, average visit time, etc.

But the tool doesn’t stop reporting here. You get organic and paid traffic distribution by the country which helps you identify the target country of your competitor.

Similar to SE Ranking, it also allows you to check the history of organic/paid keywords and traffic for the past 2 years.

It shows you how many and what types of SERP features are occupied by your competitor.

Below this, you find the organic keywords list and report of keywords by search intent.

competition analysis
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One important feature that is available only in Semrush is “Branded Traffic Trend“. It shows you how much branded traffic is received by your competitor. This means the traffic that came from searching the brand name of your competitor.

On scrolling down, you get top organic competitors of the domain and its top-performing pages.

You get the backlinks report and top anchor texts used by your competitor on the same page.

Two more important yet indispensable metrics offered by Semrush competitor research tool are:

  • Keyword Gap Analyzer: Discovers the keywords that your competitors are ranking but you aren’t.
  • Backlink Gap Analyzer: Discover the backlinks that are pointing to your competitor’s domain but are missing on your domain

Winner: Semrush

Unique featuresSE RankingSemrush
Engagement MetricsNoYes
Branded Traffic TrendNoYes

Semrush offers more features that really help in analyzing more about the competitor’s domain. No doubt, it wins the battle but this doesn’t mean that SE Ranking is just taken away. SE Ranking also offers a detailed competitive analysis report that you can use to beat your competitor.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Without tracking keywords’ position on Google, there is no benefit of search engine optimization. Because you never know which keywords are performing well and which are not.

So, you need to regularly check keywords’ rank on Google SERPs to grow your blog.

Fortunately, SE Ranking and Semrush both tools offer really good keyword rank checker software. Let’s explore them and find out the best keyword rank-tracking tool for you.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking keyword rank tracker is really impressive. Its flexible pricing plan allows you to change the frequency of checking keywords’ rank, this means you can choose how often you want updated rank reports.

You can choose to check the ranking daily, after 3 days, or after a week. To check your keywords position, you need to create a project in SE Ranking.

SE Ranking provides you with the most accurate position of your keywords on major search engines. You may track your keywords position on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. In addition to this, it allows you to choose the platform (like desktop/mobile) where you want to get the ranking reports.

se ranking keyword rank tracking
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The ranking chart allows you to check the SERP features, traffic forecast, your keywords’ position, ranking dynamics, etc. You get easy insights into the data and analyze the keywords’ performance on search engines.

The best part of SE Ranking is that it offers you a demand rank update facility. Also, you get up to the past 2 years’ historical data of keyword ranking on Google SERPs.

What does it mean?

For instance, I set to receive rank updates every day. Now, I updated my old content and I want to check if there is any change in its position on Google. So, I click on “Recheck Data“, and it will show me the latest and updated rank of my keyword on Google.

You may recheck the ranking of all your keywords or the selected ones.

You may create a list of keywords in the top 10 search results or top 30 search results and then analyze the keywords to improve their position.


Semrush also provides you with a dedicated keyword position checker.

Similar to SE Ranking, you need to create a project in Semrush to track your keywords’ position.

Semrush's Keyword Position Tracking
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As you may see that it shows you the number of keywords in the top 3, top 10, etc. you can analyze the performance of your keywords.

On the right side, it shows you the list of keywords along with their position on the SERPs. After analyzing the search volume and your keyword’s position, it shows you the visibility of that keyword on search engines.

On clicking the “view full report“, it shows you complete details of your keywords on search engines. The complete details of the analyzed keyword include its ranking, estimated traffic, visibility, positive/negative impact, etc.

It gives you a list of improved and declined pages along with SERP features.

More or less, this provides you with the same features as the SE Ranking keyword checker.

Winner- SE Ranking

SE Ranking is the clear winner here because of its user-friendly interface and accurate keyword position on SERPs.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks research assists you in improving your blog’s authority in the eyes of Google.

The more the number of high-quality backlinks, the more authoritative the blog is. But the backlinks should be relevant to your blog’s niche.

Backlinks monitoring also helps you to spy on your competitors. In this way, you can get the list of backlinks pointing to your competitor’s website. Simply analyze them and find the gap to create the same for you.

Backlinks Gap Analyzer is really important here because that gives you a list of links that are pointing to your competitors but missing yours.

Fortunately, the Backlinks checker of both tools provides you with the backlink gap analyzer. Let’s explore each one and find the best one for you.

SE Ranking

This tool includes two modules related to backlinks that are as under:

  • Backlinks Checker: It basically checks the domain for the number of links pointing to it and discovers how many of them are dofollow and nofollow.
  • Backlinks Gap Analyzer: It simply finds the links that are linked to your competitor’s domain, but missing yours.

Both modules are necessary while spying on your competitors and improving your website’s authority.

The backlinks checker basically crawls its database to find the links that are connected to the domain you entered.

se ranking backlinks checker
  • Save

Based on the quality of links that you have gained, this tool gives your domain a ranking that denotes its strength and calls it Domain Trust and Page Trust. This is more or less similar to Moz’s DA and PA.

This tool tells you how many of the backlinks are dofollow and how many of them are nofollow. You may read this detailed article on What are Dofollow Backlinks for more details.

You may see the backlinks history up to 12 months. However, if you want to know from which country you get the maximum backlinks, you may use SE Ranking Backlinks Checker to find the same.

Its ccTLDs reports show you the distribution of links from a variety of domain extensions like .com, .in, .uk, etc.

SE Ranking Backlinks Gap Analyzer by default shows you the referring domains and backlinks that are present in your competitor’s link profile but missing in yours.

However, you can use the filters option to display all backlinks related to both domains.


Semrush offers a more robust backlinks checker tool, and it has a much larger backlinks database. So, this is more reliable to use for backlinks monitoring than SE Ranking.

Apart from dofollow and nofollow distribution of links, it also tells you the quality of links. This means its toxicity score helps you to find the links than may harm your blog. So, you can easily export them in a .txt file and disavow them using Search Console.

semrush backlinks checker
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The Semrush backlinks checker offers you a clean dashboard to find the backlinks, anchor texts, referring domains, and indexed pages.

It takes an edge over SE Ranking by providing you with more details on whether the links are Sponsored or UGC.

It also briefs you about the quality of your links by analyzing your backlinks and triggers you by displaying the Overall Toxicity Score.

You also get traffic and keywords analytics on the same dashboard for the full analysis of the domain entered.

Unlike SE Ranking, it shows you the all-time history of your backlinks and referring domains.

One more important feature included in Semrush’s backlink checker tool is Network Graph.

It analyzes your backlinks and finds out how many of them are from relevant niches. Based on this, it denotes whether you are reputable.

Winner- Semrush

Based on the comparison of Semrush and SE Ranking’s backlink checker, Semrush offers a more reliable backlinks monitoring tool.

Unique FeaturesSE RankingSemrush
Toxic Backlinks ScoreNoYes
Backlinks History12 monthsAll-time
Network GraphNoYes

Website Audit

Working on a website often comes at a time when you focus on creating content and promoting it. But, it is also necessary to analyze the website’s health.

To analyze its health, run a technical audit of your website at regular intervals. The website audit tells you if the website has any errors or not.

So you need a tool that finds out all technical errors in your website and gives you suggestions to fix them.

SE Ranking

The best part of the SE Ranking website audit tool is it provides automatic audit reports.

You need to set the frequency of website audits to every week or after 2 weeks, after that leave the job on SE Ranking. Of course, you can manually fetch the updated website audit report as well.

se ranking website audit
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The website audit tool shows major issues affecting your website’s SEO. You need to analyze and fix them. (It also provides you with all necessary solutions as well).

It triggers if your website has duplicate titles, canonicals, meta descriptions, 404 pages, etc.

After crawling and analyzing all pages of your website, it provides you with a Health Score (out of 100) that denotes how well your website performs on search engines.

Simply analyze all issues highlighted by SE Ranking and follow its recommendations to fix them.


Semrush offers a user-friendly website audit tool. You get all the metrics on a single dashboard.

It analyzes the crawled web pages and gives you a health score percentage (out of 100), namely Site Health.

semrush website audit
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On a single page, it shows you all issues pertaining to your website and ways to fix them.

The statistics section of the website audit shows you all important metrics with their percentage success rate.

The historical chart of audits helps you analyze if your website improved or not.

Winner- Both

The website audit of both tools is really impressive and commendable. You get to know about the technical issues and ways to fix them.

SE Ranking vs Semrush: Other Important Features

Apart from these main pillars, there are a lot of other tools included in these toolsets. Let’s look at some important modules of both tools.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a module that both tools offer. It is basically used to create user-friendly content that is loved by both users and search engines.

Semrush offers a dedicated SEO writing assistant to write SEO-optimized content, whereas SE Ranking recently launched its most-awaited content marketing module along with a content idea finder.

Semrush content marketing toolkit includes:

  • Topic research
  • SEO content template
  • SEO writing assistant
  • Brand monitoring
  • Post Tracking
  • Content audit

On comparing with SE Ranking content marketing toolset that includes only a content editor and content idea finder, Semrush offers more tools that are incredibly useful.

The brand monitoring tool alerts you if someone uses your brand name in their content. You can check their pages and if they did not link to your content, you can pitch them to connect with you.

semrush topic research
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Semrush Topic Research (Mind Map)

Similar to SE Ranking’s content editor, Semrush’s SEO Writing assistant helps you in creating content easy to rank on search engines.

se ranking content finder
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SE Ranking Content Idea Finder (Mind Map)

SE Ranking’s content idea finder and Semrush’s topic research tool are used to find content topic ideas. Both of them are really helpful in finding topics and their use depends on your needs.

On-Page SEO Checker

A good SEO tool briefs you about the elements that should be in your content for search engine optimization.

Both tools offer you a dedicated On-page SEO checker that analyzes your content for necessary On-Page elements.

SE Ranking On-Page SEO checker audits your content and gives you a page quality score based on its analysis. The whole page analysis shows you all areas where you should work in order to improve your ranking.

SE Ranking On Page SEO Checker
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SE Ranking On-Page SEO Checker

This includes title tags, meta descriptions, page experience, backlinks, usability, SERP features, etc. It gives you suggestions to improve these areas.

Similar to SE Ranking, Semrush also offers a dedicated On-Page SEO Checker to analyze the content and give suggestions to improve its quality in order to feature in rich snippets.

Semrush On Page SEO Checker
  • Save
Semrush On-Page SEO Checker

After analyzing the content, it provides you with crucial content ideas that help you improve the web ranking of specific content.


Reports provided by an SEO tool play a vital role in search engine optimization. If these are in-depth and comprise insights into different SEO metrics, you can improve your web ranking easily.

Also, if you’re an agency, you definitely need a tool that allows white-labeled reporting. SE Ranking offers you a white label SEO tool to improve your trust among your clients.

Fortunately, both tools offer you SEO reporting tools that create flexible SEO reports.

These include the following:

  • Customizable report builders
  • Drag-and-Drop widgets
  • Automatic scheduling
  • White-label reporting

You may use these reporting tools to send website audit reports to your clients.

Not only website audit, but it also helps you to create a keyword position chart, traffic analysis, and backlinks reports and send them in a white-labeled pdf format to your clients.

SE Ranking SEO Reporting
  • Save

These tools offer integrations with Google Analytics and Search Console to fetch data and create reports.

The overall reporting of Semrush is quite impressive, but SE Ranking’s drag-and-drop feature to create white-labeled reports is fantastic.


This is the most crucial element of any SEO tool. Of course, you need a tool that fulfills all your needs with affordable pricing.

SE Ranking vs Semrush Pricing
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SE Ranking vs Semrush Pricing

SE Ranking is the clear winner in this case as it offers more or less the same features at a comparatively less price than Semrush.

Obviously, it doesn’t compromise its quality and provides you with reliable tools and reporting.

Customer Support

Based on my experience with both tools the customer support of each tool is great. They offer quite friendly support from knowledgeable experts including demos.

SE Ranking offers you to contact them via phone or email, whereas, Semrush offers email support.

Instead of displaying the contact email publicly, they allow you to contact them via the message through their contact us page.

Along with this, both tools offer documentation guides to assist their users.


Semrush vs SE Ranking
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Semrush vs SE Ranking

Semrush vs SE Ranking: FAQs

Every tool has its own algorithm and database to fetch the data and provide the metrics. Basically, the value of keyword search volume and SEO difficulty differs in every tool.
However, rank tracking is a metric that is transparent and provides us with the exact figure.
SE Ranking is a tool that I use daily to track my keyword ranking and yes I can say that it is an accurate keyword rank tracker.

No doubt, Semrush is the most reliable SEO tool in the market over the years. It beats every other tool in providing the in-depth analysis of anything you need in your SEO campaign.
Yes, Semrush is the best SEO tool, but it is expensive as well. So, we have other tools like SE Ranking and Ahrefs in the market.

Both tools are similar in providing keyword analysis, domain research, website audit, rank tracking, backlinks monitoring, etc. Both tools provide more or less the same features tools in their toolkit.

There are a few differences between both tools, Semrush provides keyword search intent, more social media management tools, and backlinks toxicity score. On the other hand, SE Ranking provides you with a dedicated SERP analyzer and page changes monitoring feature that is absent in Semrush.

As I said earlier, if you measure the data and figures of every tool, you’ll definitely see some discrepancies. But overall, Semrush is the most reliable and accurate SEO software.

Overall, Semrush is the best SEO tool for every kind of blogger, marketer, or agency. But, pricing is the most crucial element in choosing the best SEO software. Therefore, for beginners or mid-range business owners, SE Ranking is the best choice.

SE Ranking vs Semrush: Which SEO Tool is Best For You?

In this blog post, I explored both tools, and how to choose which one is the best SEO tool for your business. Keep these things in mind as you go through choosing a tool.

It’s difficult to know where to turn first, so I compared every aspect of both tools.

Let’s make it more simple for you.

You could be a beginner, a professional SEO expert, or an SEO agency itself. So, here is my answer to the question that which SEO tool is best for you.

  • Beginner or Small Business: SE Ranking is the best choice for you.
  • Mid-Marketers or Professional SEO Experts: Both tools are helpful for you depending on your use.
  • SEO Agencies: Semrush is an unbeatable SEO tool for you but you should try SE Ranking also as it is offering same premium features at lower price.

In conclusion, Semrush and SE Ranking tool both are excellent tools for finding new opportunities and growing your business. The difference between them lies in where and in which situation you use them.

Alternatives to Semrush and SE Ranking

I hope you enjoyed this comparison article between SE Ranking and Semrush. If you intend to look for more SEO tools other than these two, here are the best alternatives to SE Ranking and Semrush:

You may read alsoSE Ranking vs Ahrefs [2023]: Which SEO Tool Should You Buy?

If you liked this article, please share it with others as well. For any questions or doubts, feel free to use the comments section below or you can contact us via admin@seosachet.com

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