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Black Friday is just around the corner, and that means all the best deals are waiting for you. It’s no secret that a great hosting provider like Bluehost will get you a lot of benefits.

Bluehost is one of the leading hosting providers, and they offer a lot of great deals this Black Friday.

It is providing web storage since 2002 and they host over 2 million websites. It is a widely used web hosting by bloggers and marketers; WordPress also officially recommends Bluehost.

This is the perfect time to switch your website hosting. This Black Friday, Bluehost is offering a huge 75% discount on hosting plans. Plus, you’ll get a free domain during this exclusive sale.

Grab this amazing Black Friday deal and shop now.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you what benefits you get if you choose the Bluehost Black Friday deals.

Have a quick look at the featured Black Friday deals this year.

  • $2.65/month for the Basic Plan (75% OFF)
  • $4.95/month for the Choice Plus Plan (73% OFF)
  • $2.95/month for the WordPress Website (73% OFF)

This is not the only benefit that you get this festive season. Here are some more outstanding offers you get during this Black Friday sale.

  • FREE Domain Name for 1st year
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • 75% discount on web hosting plans
  • 50% OFF on VPS hosting
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

So, what are waiting for?

Grab this exclusive deal now for 36-month terms and save huge money.

Personal Note: I highly recommend you choose this Black Friday deal for at least 3 years if you’re serious about blogging. It will benefit you in the long run, as the renewal prices are often high for web hosting. Personally, I’ll get the same for 36 months.

Bluehost Black Friday Deals 2023: $2.65/Month + FREE Domain

bluehost black friday
  • Save
Hosting PlanRegular PriceBlack Friday Price
Basic$9.99/month$2.65/month (75% OFF)
Plus$14.99/month$4.95/month (67% OFF)
Choice Plus$18.99/month$4.95/month (73% OFF)
Pro$28.99$11.95/month (59% OFF)

Before we jump into the section on activating the Bluehost coupon; Let’s discuss why you should switch from your existing web hosting provider to Bluehost.

Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2023: Get an exclusive 75% OFF!

How Bluehost’s $2.65 deal will help you?

So, before choosing the Bluehost Black Friday coupon, I’d like to show you how this deal is helping you create a successful blog on WordPress.

Here are some unique features of Bluehost:

  • It offers auto-installation of WordPress. You no longer need to hire a web developer to set up your blog.
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you need not worry if you are unsatisfied with their service, you can ask for a refund within 30-days.
  • It offers you $150 worth of Google AdWords credit, which you can use on advertisements for your business.
  • They offer 24/7 customer support and a toll-free number to call them in need.
  • You get automated backups of your WordPress blog.
  • The FREE domain name for 1 year and SSL certificate as long as you choose the hosting.
  • FREE SEO tools to improve your blog’s presence on SERPs.
  • WordPress Staging
  • Web File Manager
  • HTTP/2

So, if you choose the Bluehost Black Friday deal, you get these exceptional features at a cheap price. In fact, no other web hosting provider offers you such a feature at this price.

How to activate the Bluehost $2.65 Deal?

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to grab the deal to save huge money:

Step #1: Click on this special link to visit the Bluehost discount page. (Coupon already applied)

bluehost 2.65 deal
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Step #2: Now click on the “Claim Savings” button and choose your desired hosting. For a beginner, I’d recommend the Basic Plan, which would cost you $2.65/month.

Step #3: Now create your domain name or use a domain that you own.

bluehost free domain
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Step #4: In the next step, simply enter the required information to register your account and card details to make the payment.

bluehost coupon
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Here, you can see that the Bluehost $2.65 deal costs you $95.40 for a 36-month term.

Whereas, if you miss this opportunity, pay $178.20 for the same 36-month period. You may see the difference in the picture below:

bluehost coupon code
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Bluehost Benefits

#1. FREE Domain Name

Every plan of Bluehost web hosting includes a one-year FREE domain name. This means you get your custom top-level domain name (.com) free of cost.

You simply saved $15 that you’d have to pay for domain name registration.

Also, you need not mess up with pointing name servers to your web hosting.

#2. FREE Website Migration

If you want to switch your web hosting and choose Bluehost, you can do it for free now. Previously, it was a paid job. But, now you can migrate your website for free.

bluehost wordpress migration
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#3. Automatic WordPress Installation

Bluehost offers you a quick auto-WordPress installation as soon as you register for web hosting.

You don’t need to hire an expert or visit and guide to install WordPress on Bluehost.

#4. Brilliant Customer Support

I have seen many companies proclaim the best customer support, but they last until you purchase their product.

What about post-sales support?

Bluehost is the clear winner of this race. It offers you 24*7 chat support and provides you with a toll-free number to call its technical team when needed.

#5. Custom Email Address

I am sure you also want to create a personalized email address for your business, like admin@yourdomain.com

Bluehost offers you the opportunity to create unlimited custom email addresses related to your business with no extra charges.


#1. No Monthly Plans

Bluehost doesn’t endorse any monthly plan, but you need not worry till they have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bluehost Pricing

For shared hosting, Bluehost has 4 plans. You may see the picture below.:

bluehost black friday
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  • Basic Plan: $4.95/month for a 36-month term; renews at $9.99/month
  • Plus Plan: $7.45/month for a 36-month term; renews at $13.99/month
  • Choice Plus Plan: $7.45/month for a 36-month term; renews at $18.99/month
  • Pro Plan: $18.95/month for a 36-month term; renews at $26.99/month

So, you can see how much savings you get on this Black Friday sale. The sale will continue until Cyber Monday 2022.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab this exceptional deal now and save huge money for 3 years.

Bluehost is one of the few web hosting providers that offer auto-install WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black Friday is here, and it’s time to sink your teeth into the best deals possible. This Black Friday, Bluehost offers 75% OFF on its plans. It’s so good you’ll want to buy it twice.

Bluehost is a top hosting provider that provides all the features you’ll need to build your website or start your business.

The Black Friday offer includes a free domain and 70% off your annual hosting plan.

Bluehost offers the best customer support, you don’t want to miss out.

Bluehost is the most popular hosting provider for a reason. With features like a free domain and fast site speed, a hosting plan from Bluehost is a great way to get started in the world of hosting.

The total number of customers and the total number of websites the company has hosted tells you a lot about what the hosting provider is like.

Pros: Bluehost is one of the most trusted hosting providers. The company has been around for over 22 years, so they know their stuff. If you need a website, they have the tools to help. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and they offer a 99.9% customer satisfaction guarantee if you need to get your money back.

Cons: They don’t provide monthly plans.

Black Friday is just around the corner, and I am excited to announce that the Bluehost Black Friday sale will be live in the last week of November 2022. Mark your calendars now, and be prepared for the best Black Friday yet!

What Are You Waiting For? Grab It, Now!

Bluehost is a great place to start for any newbies who might be interested in hosting their website.

We know that hosting can be a difficult purchase to make, but we hope that with this Black Friday offer, you will feel confident in your decision.

This year, Black Friday is a much-anticipated event and many people will look to shop on this day. Use the Bluehost Black Friday coupon and get a free domain and 75% off.

Let us know if you have any questions by commenting down. Thank you for reading and we hope you’ll be able to save a lot of money with the Bluehost Cyber Monday deals!

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